Rudi Quammie Williams

Rudi Quammie Williams, Project Manager for the CIPAD feasibility study that was turned in to the Employment and Social Development Canada in the fall of 2020, is an independent consultant working in organizational development. Quammie is a mentor to youth, community businesses, organizations, and individuals. He is a business consultant and facilitator with a passion for non-profits, community, entrepreneurship, and small business.

Quammie has a long history of service to the public through his work in various levels of government and in several communities serving organizations. In addition to his love of business and dedication to creating qualified solid leadership, sustainable community serving organizations and a community that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion and is free of anti-Black racism, Quammie is a multi-disciplinary artist who specializes in the use of arts and culture in African centred learning opportunities. He has dedicated his career to the re-education of the African Canadian community on the value of their ancestral instrument, the drum. In addition to his study of African and Caribbean drumming traditions, Quammie is a graduate of York University’s Fine Arts and MBA Programs and has contributed his skills and knowledge of the drums to the music of Joe Sealy, Judy Mowatt, The Parachute Club, Martha and the Muffins, Dr John, and many others. He co-founded Usafiri, Sankofa, and Baro Dununba, three ensembles dedicated to educating and entertaining through the presentation of African and African Diaspora Music and Dance.