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Coalition of Anti-Black Racism Training Professionals

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

United Against Racial Bias

What we continue to hear from leaders is that education is paramount to eliminating anti-Black racism.

The Coalition of Anti-Black Racism Training Professionals (CABRTP) provides the following services:

Anti-Black Racism (ABR), Anti-Oppression, and Cross-Cultural Competency Framework professional learning sessions and awareness-building workshops.

Working with executive leadership and senior management teams to design and implement strategies based on an integrated framework to eliminate systemic racism, setting specific goals and objectives

Facilitating creative conversations and professional learning sessions to engage participants

Providing tools for measurement and evaluation to gauge progress against outcomes and making assessments to guide evidence-informed decisions

Our approach to training is based on creative conversations and opportunities for change that are holistic, using an integrated partnership approach. leveraging multiple techniques while accommodating different learning styles to create a lasting impact on participants.

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